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Baby School: Drawing & Reading

Last Sunday to Monday midnite, my cutey lil' pie nie tido lambat coz he slept about 3 hours in the afternoon. Of course la mata membulat kan. Instead of let him play alone, i played along with him while watching BPL game :D. Oh, btw Chelsea won 2 - 1 against Man. City. Yeay! *clap clap*

Homeschooling can be done anytime right! Midnite pon midnite la as long as he can learn something. Not realy stimulate activity la kan. Nanti lagi dia x bole tido plak. Fengsan mak!

At first, we did drawing. Usually, he will scribble and sketch randomly. Sometimes, i'll help him to draw pictures like cat, fish etc. Then, he will say out loud the picture i draw. Or i'll ask him and he will answer.

As you can see in the picture, that's my piece of arts! haha. Sorry, i'm not that artsy and creative. Ikut suka je lukis janji ada bentuk and rupa kan.

Since i'm drawing, i snap more pictures! Haha. Bile lagi kan. Nanti bole la tgk2 balik hasil lukisanku ini.

Ok, more picture of my drawing! There are cat, fish, car, ball and flower. Others tu stamping tools from the drawing tool ni. I dunno the name. Lupe plakkan. :D

Actually, for art and craft ni i nak buat drawing or painting gune homemade paints tu but tak terbuat lagi. Or buat homemade playdoh ke kan. Masih delay all those activities. And i'm waiting for my order - the kinetic sand and bubber sand. And the list of pending activity goes on and on. Dang!

Then, when he bored of drawing already, he started playing around with cars and cars. So, i requested him to read with me using LeapFrog Tag Junior. Alhamdulillah, he managed to use the tag device though he pointed everywhere in the book. Slowly baby! He understands when i say let's read books. He will take out either this LeapFrog set or other books for me to read with him.

He was reading Car World Adventure. When he focus, he will really focus. His focus could stay max 10 mins. Then, he started play around with the tag device or flipped the book or took put the other book or asked me to hold the tag device and read for him. Never mind, practice makes perfect!

See his video reading with LeapFrog Tag Junior. He was reading Jack And The Neverland Pirate! I love seeing him focus on doing activity. 

There will more books coming, baby! Everything for u. Haha :D

I could not review this LeapFrog Tag Junior now as it's still new for us. So far so good. Not to worry. I'll review later ok. :)

For this week's Tot Tray, i'm still have not decided yet what things and activity to do. I have no idea actually. Maybe later i'll decide. Or maybe this week I'm more to reading, drawing and flashcards or on the wall cards. See how my final decision. Haha. Homeschooling right.


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