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Feeling Grateful!

When someone you love doing something special that you requested, you would be so grateful and happy! and speechless too.

Yes, that would be me! Alhamdulillah, syukur Ayser Zarif is so excited when solat. Previously, we used our other sejadah for him to pray. But, sometimes when i invited him to join me for solat, he would be a lil' bit of distracted or busy with other things.

So, i decided to buy a sejadah or prayer mat that special for him to motivate him to solat.

Yes, he was so excited! He follow his daddy as makmum. Though not really the real solat, but he tried to imitate his daddy. Teach them young!

I was happy to see his progress. Not only 1 prayer time. He joined us every time we solat. Alhamdulillah, syukurr.....Hopefully he will continue this practice/habit (cos this will be the 'wajib' practice) and be a good Muslim.

Ok, mommy dia tgh 'off' so over excited kan, snap snap snap :D

I can't help giggling when see this picture. The finger! sooooooo cute! Subhanallah! I can cry *happily* after that. 

Ok, i was not only snapped the pictures. I took videossss as well. :D :D :D

Yes, he would be distracted sometimes. But, it's okay. Motivate our child as early as possible!

InsyaAllah, I will try to motivate him day by day following the sunnah of Rasulullah. Mommy also needs motivation! Pray for us. Ameennnn...


If mommies / daddies out there would like to purchase the sejadah as well, kindly whatsapp / sms me at 012-9060166

or email me at

I am more than happy to assist you!

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