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Our new Canon EOS 1000D..

Erkk... looking at the last date i written a post.. It has been almost 2 months now.. How fast time flies..

Anyway.. thanks for visiting again..

After waiting for a long time, finally we have bought a new DSLR Camera manufactured by Canon. It is meant for entry level SLR photographers like us. Entirely new thrilled experience compared to compact cameras or even Semi-pro cameras.

Canon EOS 1000D Standard Lens

Canon has offered a full digital SLR with an appealing price tag. And i believe it is the price that gives this SLR the right to exist. I didn't hope for any new innovations or spectacular improvements compared to the previous models. The Canon EOS 1000D comes with a standard 18-55mm lens.

Looking at the EOS 1000D, you could come to the conclusion that it is a stripped down version of the EOS 450D, because as a camera the Canon EOS 1000D leans closely towards its 'predecessor' the EOS 400D and the actual model; the EOS 450D.

Arial View

As I mentioned earlier, the Canon EOS 1000D is the EOS 450D camera's twin brother. There are only small details of the housings that give away which one is which. The main difference on the outside is the LCD screen on the back of the camera; 2.5 inch on the EOS 1000D and 3 inch on the EOS 450D. This might be crucial to some people. Personally, we find the 2.5 inch LCD is sufficient to our needs during and also after shooting. The resolution remained the same, 230,000 pixels in spite of the smaller size monitor. The monitor gives a beautifully clear reproduction, perfect to check the captured pictures at their true quality.

The 2.5 Inch LCD Screen

Further more, with the appealing price, we have added one extra 70-300mm Sigma Macro lens and a 0.5x 58mm wide angle lens converter to make this entry level kit to a fairly full range level. These lenses are secured by UV filters. For a more and exiting photoshoot, we were recommended a CPL filter where you can get colour variations in your photo. We were given a nice winer camera backpack to safely house the camera and lenses. Not to forget an 8G memory card, cleaning kit for dust & finger prints cleaning, Screen Protector, Straps and last but not forgotten a tripod. The total price tag is around what you need to pay to get a standard Nikon D90 kit. Imagine having the 'extras' with a lower range DSLR camera compared to higher range camera which only get you a standard kit. With the standard kit you can't really play around much. Upgrades will cost more money of course...

Sigma 70mm - 300mm F4-5.6 Macro Lens

Digital King 0.5X 58mm Wide Angle Lens

CPL Filter

Winer Camera Backpack

Having this Canon EOS 1000D really puts the value to our photography. Although other higher range DSLR cameras quite often obtain better results (technically speaking..), nothing beats the photographer skills in producing an amazing photo.

Thanks for reading..


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