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DIY Buttoning Board & Zipping Board

Salam and good day u ols.

Time flies so fast. It's already the last month of 2013! So many things this month. Tomorrow we'll be going for hubby's company trip to Bandung. We've have packed our bag already. 

Oh by the way, my latest DIY project, i got the idea from Rock A Bye ButterflyBut, i modified and added some other things in my own version. This is one of the montessori method for practical life. Other than that, this activity helps for fine motor skills development.

Materials needed are:

1) Buttons
2) Zip
3) Velcro
4) Felt
5) Polystyrene board
6) Sewing kit

You can just sew the buttons on the felt and glue the felt on the polystyrene board while the other cloths or felt just cut according to shapes and cut in the middle to make the button hole. That simple. But, i asked my cousin's help to sew them properly so that the cloths will not tear later.

For the zip, you need to attach cloths together with the zip and sew it on the felt. For velcro, just sew on the felt and attach together. Finally, attach or glue on the polystyrene board for easy usage.

I made 2 different boards so that i have more activities and easy for my son to do his activity. So, this is the final product. The zip & velcro board. Ayser was very excited doing this activity.

And my buttoning board. You can do in different shapes and different sizes of buttons. Ayser also was very excited seeing this board but quite challenging for him to button back the cloth/felt.

Very very big thank you to my cousin, Ain for helping me to finish this DIY project. Else, it will take tons of days to finish it.

Happy Monday and happy DIY-ing!

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