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My Cinderella Shoes

My Latin Flen Club said this is my cindelella shoes. Haha. Yes, for me it's sooo expensive yet i have to buy it because i need a comfy shoes!

I had ordered from online seller to buy for me in Paris. The colour i chose was either almond or black (the old design) with gold hardware buckle. Unfortunately, there was unavailable in Paris. Even they checked again in Milan also the colour that i wanted is not available.

So, they refunded the deposit to me. I need to get this shoes urgently because i need to wear it during our trip next month which is next week! Last Saturday, during the International Education & Parenting Conference, we skipped one of the session and dropped by KLCC to buy the shoes :D :D

At first, i asked for black colour and tried it. But, it was quite tight for me in size 7 but size 8 was wayyy too big for me. The SA showed me the latest design of Bermuda Jelly Shoes which in electric blue and shocking pink. I wanted the buckle in gold hardware or silver hardware. But, the SA said this is the latest design which the buckle follows the colour of the shoes.

So, i tried the shoes and it fitted nicely without feeling tightness. I fell in love with both colors actually. But, for easy matching, i chose the electric blue instead.

Comparing the price, it's quite expensive than the online seller but i need it urgently, i really had to buy the shoes. Yeayy to new shoes but nayy to the price!

Hello Bermuda Jelly Shoes! Welcome to Mama :D :D. Dah dirasmikan on that day sambung pegi conference pakai hehe. Nice!

We'll see how it feels when wearing for long journey. Ohh btw, about the International Education & Parenting Conference i will be blogging about it later coz i need some time to write on the serious issue. :)

Happy weekend peeps!

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