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Baby School: Dd Is For Dinosaur!

Nov 2013 Week 4 (25 Nov - 30 Nov)

By this time, we are already in Bandung for hubby's company trip. I had scheduled my post for today and this week we wont be having our activity. Have to postpone next week if i have enough energy and time to prepare because we will coming back on late Saturday.

This week, we continued with letter Dd. I have changed the printables using different source. I referred from this blog:  3Dinosaurs. Other than that, i also referred to thig blog: Little Tiger Growing Up for the sensory bin/box/tub inspiration.

Note: This is a quite long post!

Letter of the Week = Dd

Object of the Week = Dinosaur

Colour of the Week = Orange

Vocabulary Development Theme of the Week = Shapes

This time, i did not manage to snap a picture of letter Dd because i had no time to prepare them properly. I was quite busy packing and preparing for our Bandung trip.

For Tot Trays, i maintained as last week's Tot Trays. Ayser was very happy playing with all the items of all trays until he tore the sandpaper letters. I might re-do the sandpaper letters using cardstock material or might laminate them before glue the letters on the card.

For this week, i added new activity which is sensory bin/box/tub inspired by Little Tiger Growing Up . It consists of: 

1. dinosaurs figurines
2. some green pom-poms with small bowl for transfering and some green pipe cleaners
3. miniature trees which i took from my mom's and the salad became a tree
4. a green cloth which look like i dont know how to describe but quite rough for the sensory part
5. square and rectangular pieces foam and plain papers and a few of rocks

- Make sure items are not too small to prevent choking

This is for sensory development which teaches rough & smooth, big & small, heavy& light, and some fun!!

When i prepared this tub, Ayser was watching me. He was very excited when the tub was ready. He played immediately and i didnt manage to snap pictures. He played and messing around the room with all the items. I'll be leaving this tub for quite some time until i have other ideas. Haha.

This time, my sister who is currently on semester break helped me with Aser's activities. The printables were different for the week. Ayser was doing tracing the lines. After that, he scribbled and scribbled.

Still continued with tracing the lines but this not a straight lines. Different angle. He still did not used to trace lines properly.

When he got bored, he asked to got off from his chair. Then, we continued with his favourite activity. Sorting shapes!

After that, we continued with Dot the Letter. Since we still do not have the proper dot marker, we used stickers instead! We showed how to stick the sticker on the dot to him. He followed after that. Ayser was very excited doing this activity. Every time he sticked, he would yeay after that. See his happy face.

This is the final outcome after he sticked. He did 2 sets of letter. Oh by the way, my fren also did this activity to her children.

Then, we continued with Dinosaurs stickers activity. I just took the numbering sheet asked him to stick on the paper.

This time, tracing the shapes. Quite challenging for him and he just scribbled after we guided him.

Other than that, we also did our reading session, puzzles, lacing activity but i did not take any pictures. For the next letter, i'm not sure when we'll be doing it. Maybe this month we have to take a rest or if i manage to prepare next week we have time to do it because end of the month also we'll be out stationed.

Ok, we want to enjoy our Bandung Trip and entries for this week will be lesser. See whether we can get the internet connection.


Source: 3DinosaursLittle Tiger Growing Up

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