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RON 95 vs RON 97. Which one should I use?

Hi everyone.. "Selamat Berpuasa" to all Muslim..

Reality check:- Did all of us actually realize/know that this coming 1st September 2009, our fuel prices for RON 97 will increase?

To actually 'help' us, the government has decided to introduce RON 95 to the country.

RON 95 - RM 1.75 / litre
RON 97 - RM 1.80 to RM 2.00 / litre

*RON = Research Octane Number

For me, i didn't actually realized it until i came across most petrol station that changed their petrol logo from 97 to 95. We can hardly now find RON 97 at the station, if we are lucky enough some stations will allocate 1 or 2 pumps for RON 97, but i'm not sure for how long (Petronas is a good exmaple).

Anyway, what has been done is done. To actually help us better in understanding our car and the petrol compatibility. You guys can refer to the list below. credit to MotorTrader

click image to get better quality

click image to get better quality

click image to get better quality

I hope this will pretty much help you guys in deciding which petrol is best for your car. I'm quite suprised actually to see all proton cars are not compatible with RON 92. I remembered using RON 92 for my proton car few years back. Haha3..

Good Luck..

The latest name for RON 95:-

Petronas - Primax 95

Shell - Unleaded 95

Caltex - Premium 95

BHP - Infiniti 95

I hope this will somehow help you guys.. Thanks for reading..

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