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Bandung Trip Day 4

The first plan for day 4 was to go to Cipaduyut Leather House and in the afternoon Trans Studio / Pasar Baru. But, they changed the plan last minute. I was down with food poisoning and fever. Thus, i could not join them. I even could not get up from the bed. That bad!

The night before i kept on vomiting. Tried eating after that vomited back. Urghhh....The same things happened also in the morning. My fever kept on and off. I just slept and had full rest. I thought we would not managed to buy anything at Pasar Baru.

Around 1pm, i felt more energy but still dizzy. I just took shower, solat and got ready. Took medicines and off we went to Pasar Baru ourselves by taxi. Unfortunately, Ayser's water bottle left in the taxi. We had to find new one before another trip.

First, we went to buy all the things that were ordered by my sis and my mom. Ohh, i forgot one thing, my sis ordered 'pisang salai'. I totally forgot. Pity her. After settled theirs, we went to find 'kain ela' for hubby and Ayser 'baju melayu'. 

Then, suddenly my mom asked to buy for the whole family! So, we bought 'kain ela' for 'baju melayu' only for 22 meters! Super heavy. Then, mom ordered some cotton cloths for her Jubah. And i bought 'kain ela' for my 'baju kurung'.

We still brought our small hand luggage. But, this time cannot fit anymore because too many things! Haha. After settled everything which was 5pm on the dot, we quickly went back to hotel by taxi. The trafiic jam is super crazy!

After that, we joined back the group for dinner. But, still i did not have the appetite. I just tasted the tomyam and some rice then i had to sit outside because i could not stand the smell.

Then, we went back to hotel for packing time! We needed to leave early the next day to Jakarta to avoid traffic jam. Ohhh....what a day. Alhamdulillah, i slowly recovered. :)

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