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Bandung Trip Day 3

Our day 3 began with a trip to Mount Tangkuban Parahu. It's a volcano actually. We had to went out early because the journey took about 2 hours and had to avoid the rain. IT's raining season now!

Hubby was down with fever since day 2 but he recovered fast after took some medicines.

Hubby and the lil boy duofie before the journey. The journey was quite long because of the traffic and also bus took longer time right. In the bus, the tour guide told a tale story about the Mount Tangkuban Parahu. The story was quite long until i fell asleep and i did not managed to listen till the end of the story.

During the journey, some of them already felt dizzy and nausea and vomited because of the road is like a snake!

Once we reached at the bus parking area, we needed to take a van to the top. We had to be careful with 'belerang' smell. People with respiratory problems might face problems with the smell.

As we reached the top, the smell was not really bad. We walked around the volcano crater.This volcano crater is the largest crater called 'Kawah Ratu'. There is small crated at the other side but we did not go there.

We took our photo on our own actually. There were so many street sellers that followed you. I was so irritated actually because we cannot spend time on our own. There was a seller that followed us all the time. He offered to take picture for us but i did not dare to give our handphone to him! So scary ok!

The pictures took usng hubby's handphone because my handphone was full already. Dang! I had to clear up the memory.

After that, we went down to the bus parking area and went to the hotspring. Sorry, cant remember the name agan.

Triofie! Haha. The pool at the back is 30 Degree Celcius! There were other pools that is hotter but we did not go further.

Triofie again while this lil boy is happy! 

Mommy and Ayser duofie while waiting for daddy to take off shoes for feet soaking.

I did not join hubby because too lazy. Haha. Then, we went back to the bas parking area which was qute far. Luckily, we managed to reach at the bus on time because it was raining after that! Heavy rain! Like i said raining season.

After that, we had our lunch. This is where i got my food poisoning. On the way back i started felt dizzy and nausea and uneasy. I took medicines but i still felt uneasy. We did not go back to the hotel yet. 

We went to De Arum Manis outlet for shopping session. I just bought sleep pants only and had no mood for shopping. Then, we went to Rumah Mode for shopping session. There were lotsa things to shop but i just had no mood and uneasy. I bought another sleep pants. Hubby bought sleep pants too. And Ayser 'pow'ed us a car!

Then, we quickly went back to the restaurant where the bas parked there. I did not take the dinner because i lose appetite at all. It was Nasi Padang cuisine and not my liking. So, i just ordered orange juice.  Before that, i had vomited already. So, my food poisoning started! With fever........

That's the end of our day 3...

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