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Bandung Trip Day 5

We check out from hotel very early around 6.30am after had breakfast to go to Jakarta. We had a special invitation from Indonesia Ministry of Education for early lunch. That's why we needed to go early plus to avoid the traffic jam.

Alhamdulillah the journey went well. There was no traffic jam. Thus, we reached at the restaurant early. Around 9.30am! How to lunch if like that and they have not prepared the food yet.

We had the invitation at Restaurant Pulau Dua. The place was very nice! Something different. I think sure this is the expensive restaurant. FYI, our lunch is sponsored by Indonesian Government. :D

Thru the area for eating, there was a bridge and a fish pond. The place was warm and cozy! I did not take so many pictures. So sad! But we managed snap some photos at the bridge and the pond.

See Ayser with his sunglasses! He said hot! And he wanted to wear the sunglasses. Haha. Funny.

We were entertained by their performers while waiting for the food. Then, the food arrived. Buffet style. Very delicious. Something different from our normal meal throughout the trip.

After lunch, we went to Tambrin City for our last minute shopping before departure. But, we did not shop by the way. No mood for shopping anymore. Hehe.

Then, we went straight to airport for checking-in. It took quite some time actually the process that's why we needed to be early.

After settled, we went for solat and waited at the waiting area because the flight delayed.

While waiting, snapped pictures. These kids were really happy when taking pictures. Ayser joined them and still maintained the machoness. Haha. He would not look at me. Grrrr.

Around 6.45, we boarded and departed. We arrived around 9.30pm Malaysia time and took a bus back to Melaka. We reached Melaka around 2.30am. Ouhhh what a day. We were super duper tired! 

Anyway, that's the end of our Bandung Trip story. We'll be going for umrah this Friday. Now packing in the process.


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