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Bandung Trip Day 2

Salam and good day uols.

For the 2nd day, the first plan was to go to Tangkuban Parahu. But, later they changed the plan because of the hostel issue so we had to pack our bag again to move to hotel.

Before that, we has our breakfast at Promenade Hotel. This hotel is quite nice. Unfortunately, we couldnt stay here because fully booked already. So, we had to stay at other hotel.

See happy faces! It's very hard to snap his picture when he's smiling. Luckily, i managed to snap one.

While waiting for others, snapped another picture. Then, we went back to the hostel to pack our bag. 

The plan changed to shopping at Pasar Baru! We were given approx. 4 hours for shopping.

This lil boy before threw his tantrum. Yes, we did not shop that day because Ayser was not in his mood. He cried out loud! We went to the surau and i bfed him and he fell asleep.

Then, hubby carried him while he was sleeping. We went to buy simcard for our phone. Suddenly, he woke up and continued crying out loud.

I was so exhausted! We went back to the shop that our group were there. I bfed him again and it was very hard to bfed him n public with his tantrums. Urghhh. Finally, i managed to bfeed him and after that he get back to normal and played with other kids. Pheww!! What a relief. But, we went back with empty bag! Yes, we brought a hand luggage to put our haul inside the bag for easy carrying.

Around 12.30pm, we had to gather and had lunch. Then, we went to the hotel to check-in. We had our rest and around 4pm we had to gather again for another shopping session!

We went to Ci-Walk or Jalan Cihampelas i think. I cant remember the name. The were so many outlets along the road. We just walked around at the new outlet.

Anddd he found this! Had to give him to play for a while. Else, mommy and daddy could not shopping :D. After that, we walked along the road and finally stopped at one outlet. We managed to buy a few things. Hehe. But not so many la. I bought a colored jeans and hubby bought a jeans too. That's for today. Hihi.

Around 6.30pm, we had to gather again for our dinner! Sundanes cuisine again. The food was quite nice. Then, as usual we ordered Alpokat Juice! We really love the juice. Here the price was very cheap compared to Malaysia. 

Previously, i did on my own the juice but quite messy so i stopped making the juice.

Finally, we went back to hotel for rest. Fuhhh! finish my day 2. Day 3 coming up!!!!!


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