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Bandung Trip Day 1

Assalamualaikum and good day u ols. Sorry for taking some time to update about out Bandung Trip. I was quite busy with preparation and packing for the next trip. Or more likely to be our ibadah.

Ok, on early December to be exact, 6 December 2013, we went for Bandung Trip. Our flight was at 9.10am so we had to depart from Melaka super early at 3.30am! I didnt sleep at all because risau kan terlajak tido and lambat. Dah siap terus pegi hubby's office berkumpul naik bas and zass to KLIA.

We reached KLIA around 5.30am and prepared for checking-in. Meanwhile waiting, we went for Subuh prayer and had a lil breakfast.

Ayser and i waiting for our food! Kelaparan ok. Pepagi buta x tido lagi memang la perut berkeroncong aje. Our flight shud be 9.10am but delayed till 10am i think. Lupe dah. Time tu ngn they changed Gate without proper notice. So, kelam kabut la jd nye. Awal2 kaki dah sakit sebab kene jalan jauh and patah balik. Adoiiyaiiii!

Then, we didnt get the front row seat plak tu. Kesempitan since i have to pangku  Ayser for 2 hours! He was sleeping all the time on the flight. Lega sebab dia xde la cranky but i was super tired cos had to hold him.

We arrived at Jakarta airport around 12pm and took a bus to Bandung. The traffic was quite heavy. It took around 4 hrs to reach Bandung. Pheww what a journey! I'm not sure why they chose to Jakarta instead of direct to Bandung. Maybe the tickect fares cheaper i think.

On the way to Bandung, we stopped at the RnR for our lunch! Makan nasi padang. Honestly, i'm not a fan of nasi padang. So makan pon sikit je la. I prefer Sunda more. I cant remember the restaurant name. Actually, i forgot all restaurants name we went for the whole trip! :D

Sorry, dah habis makan baru teringat nak snap picture. The food biasa biasa only. Nothing to fancy about.

Then, we continued our journey to Bandung. We arrived safely around 4pm and directly to the hostel provided. Yessss, hostel not hotel yek. We did not managed to go to Pasar Baru that day because of the heavy traffic caused us to reach Bandung late. After checking-in, we had some rest in the room and prepared for our dinner plak.

Around 6.30pm, we went out for dinner. 6.30pm in Bandung equals to 7.30pm Malaysia. They are late an hour from Malaysia. For dinner, we had Sundanese cuisine. The food here was nice ! I love the tempe cili padi. There's in the picture. Very crispy and spicy!

This lil boy was very hungry and he started eating first! haha. After dinner, we went back to the hostel and had rest for tomorrow. I was super tired plus i didnt sleep the whole night before. Thus, i terus pengsan once everything dah settle.

We continue the next day in the next entry ya!

Happy Monday!


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