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DIY Sandpaper Letters

If you are familiar with Montessori learning, you will know this sandpaper letter cards. The actual card is made by wood and cost a bomb! Alternatively, i found one of the blog: Little Tiger Growing Up did a DIY version of sandpaper letter cards. So, i could save money! Yeay!

This sandpaper letter is one of the Montessori method for multi-sensory approach as well as language. It could develop a muscular impression of the letter shapes and to associate the sounds with the shapes. This also helps to develop a visual impression and to learn the writing direction of the letter shapes.

I took the printable from

Lowercase alphabets:

Uppercase alphabet:


1) The alphabets / numbers printable
Print it out and cut the letters individually. The letters are in black colour.

2) Sandpaper
You can buy it at the DIY shop. Search for the finest sandpaper. It costs around RM0.80 per piece. Trace the letters that you have cut them out from the printable. Make sure the white color is on the top of the sandpaper else you might get the alphabets wrong direction.

3) Cardboard 
I used hardcover paper so it is quite fragile. I might re-do this cards later on since Ayser has tore some of the letters and i had to glue them and it looked terrible. I have blank business cards so i might use the cards instead for the new sandpaper letters.

This is the final product. It took me weeks to finish it because of the card size. :D. Actually half day enough for you to settle this DIY. Total cost is about RM3. It depends on the materials you buy. The original price of this sandpaper letters is RM190.00! Can you imagine it's so expensive. Faint!

Let's try it ok!


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