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Baby School: Cc Is For Cat!

Nov 2013 Week 3 (18 Nov - 24 Nov)

I'm still continuing with our weekly activity. For this week, i'm still referring and using printables and information from 1+1+1=1.

Note again: This is a very long post!

Letter of the Week = Cc

Object of the Week = Cat

Colour of the Week = Blue

Vocabulary Development Theme of the Week = Pets

This week's theme is pets but i dont have any of animal dolls that can be a pet. Maybe one or two only. The dog and cow (can consider as a pet rite?). Others were teddy bears. Never mind. Heplayed with the dolls btw. Haha.

For Tot Trays, these items were my DIY projects. From left is buttoning board activity. In the middle is sandpaper lowercase letters. And last one is zipping & velcro board. All the DIY projects i'll be blogging about them soon ya.

Ayser was so excited when he saw the two boards. He played with both of the boards. Zipping he managed to unzip and zipped back. For velcro, he managed to take out the side of the velcro but he still didnt know to put together back. For buttoning, this is quite challenging for him. So, i have to guide him to un-button and button back the cloths.

As for the sandpaper lowercase letters, he took the cards and read the letters for a while then he threw away or crumpled the card. I have to find the thicker paper for this kind of cards.

As usual, Ayser scribbled the sheet using Crayola Washable Marker in Blue.

I guided him to find from one cat to another cat to make 'C' letter. After that, he scribbled and doodled the sheet.

We used the same method as the above to make him familiar with this kind of activity though he still did not understand.

He was happily scribbling and showed me. Then, i read the object one by one with him. He was so happy and continued scribbling.

His favourite part. Shape sorting! He managed to sort correctly! Again, i dont have the crescent/half moon shape :D.

He was still doesnt know how to draw a line from left to right. So, i had to trace together with him from left to right. He was not focus this time.

My sis just came back from Sydney for her semester break. So, i asked her to buy some washable markers there. This one is the stamp markers with different shapes. I took the half moon stamp marker and guided Ayser to stamp on the 'C' letters. 

Sorting the card in sequence. He did for a few seconds only. Then he threw the cards away. Time to change the activity i think or maybe the printables.

This 3 pieces puzzle also he just sorted out for few seconds only with my guidance. Then, he didnt want to do anymore.

Seriously, i have to change the printables. These matching cards also he did for a few seconds and threw them away. Though he loves cat, but he disliked the cards! Haha. Maybe too much activities at the same time he was bored already.

Stamping the letter on the cat. He loved to do this but soooooo messy! Look at the stamp pad. He mixed the colors together. I wanna faint! At the end, i took it away coz already super messy. Even he stamped on the table.

This time, i left the coloring and numbering. :D Others i managed to finish. I was planning to continue letter 'C' to this week but changed my mind to proceed with letter 'D' this week. Other than this, we did Baby Khalifah series and reading as well.

Ok, for letter 'D', i have added one more activity which is sensory bin/box. Later will show you ok.

Till then, enjoice! 

Source: 1+1+1=1

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