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Iftar with The Celeb

Last Saturday, we attended an iftar with the celebrity on behalf of my parents as they had to attend other event as well. Btw, he's my cousin if u know him la kan.

The iftar was held at Naza Hotel, Melaka. We were quite late that day coz lotsa things to do at home. Luckily x sampai awal coz the celebrity pon sampai almost 2 hours late cos he was from KL rushed to Melaka and there were accident on the highway.

We celebrated with the orphans. So the iftar went well. Alhamdulillah. We just enjoyed the food and socialized with families.

When Dazrin arrived, he quickly gave some gifts and green packet to the orphans because they have other event after the iftar event. Took some pictures here an there. My son Ayser Zarif played with his 2nd cousin.

Ayser Zarif and mommy camwhored while waiting for the food.

Pictured with the celeb!

Then, we went back home. Almost 10pm jugak la reached home. :)

Happy fasting!

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