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Pre Raya Family Photoshoot

Last weekend was quite hectic. Lotsa events and things to do. One of them was the family photoshoot. We had to do ealry because my sister had to fly to Sydney(last Sunday btw). So kene rasmikan la my baju raya kan. I bought my Baju Raya from Jovian Mandagie Jluxe Collection.

So, memang kelam kabut siap sumer and rushed to the photo shop.

We camwhored before the photoshoot. Setup the background and the seating position really took time.

Daddy and Ayser Zarif while waiting for our turn. This was after the big family photoshoot.

My parents during the photoshoot. Sempat la snap kan. Ikutkan xleh amek gambar. hahaha. belasah saje la labuuuu.

Ok, me camwhored before the photoshoot. Wearing Jluxe Collection and VS Essential Scard XL by shawlbyvsnow. Sila jangan muntah tengok my picture ni k :D.


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