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I have started to pick-up golf, i mean seriously.. Didn't hire pro golfers to train me, i couldn't affored it bytheway... Lucky i have an elder brother who knows golfing. He's the one who teaches me the grips and swings. Thanks bro..

On my first day, i was like.. there's a lot of people at the driving range. And they might be watching me and worst of all, laughing. After a few hits, i was like, who cares.... Who cares if other people laughs at you, which i don't think golfers do. Everyone had to go through their learning period. So, it's o.k to not be able to hit the ball, hit the carpet or even swing your clubs like baseball.

There are nice people though, who'll talk to you and give swing tips at the range which i think is very helpful. You need someone to correct you, then only you'll realized. My honest experience learning golf, it's hard to swing and hit the ball correctly at first (seriously) but in your 4th-5th visit at the range it will get easier and easier.. Provided you hit at least 100 balls per visit. And.. don't forget to take note/remember of how many good hits you get. By doing this, you can monitor your progress and if the number started to go down, you can quickly resolve before it effects and became your swinging habits.

Youtube also played a big role in my golfing techniques. I often watch lessons and tips from the pros and applied at the range.

The most interesting part, I managed to get my wife to come along with me to the range. Not as a supporter but as a golfer herself. I gave her a 9 iron and taught her some swing technique and waaallahhhh..she hitting it like it's not her first time there. 'Bakat terpendam' kot. I guess ladies can learn very fast compared to men. No offense to men out there.

So, the phrase:
G = Golongan
O = Orang
L = Lupakan
F = Family

... can't be applied to me.. since my wife's with me ...hahaa.. and she likes golfing too.. One kewl and weird couple huh...


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