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1st Anniversary Get Away @ Langkawi Island

We just came back from our '1st Anniversary Get Away' at Langkawi Island 3 weeks ago..

It has been a year since we got married... we didn't even realized the big anniversary date until two month before. A question pop-up, should we celebrate it? After taking certain things into considerations, we decided to go for it. We choosed Langkawi to be our '2nd honeymoon' destination (our first was Hong Kong) since both of us had not been to Langkawi for more than eight years.

During the planning stages.. we did some googling and found out that there are actually nice places that we can fit into our short 3d2n trip to Langkawi such as Mat Cincang Cable Car and Kilim Geo Park. Not to forget, Island Hopping. Next was the date, few days checking the two airlines websites paid off, i found the right date and price. Suprisingly, the cheapest was MAS. As for the room, we spoke to few people for recommendations. Some of them even offered assistance to get discounts for these hotels. With an affordable price, Holiday Villa at Pantai Cenang was choosen.

Our room @ Holiday Villa - Not bad..
With the new DSLR camera that we've bought, many crazy things crossed our minds. We can use this opportunity to take good pictures.. Langkawi offers a huge opportunity of land and sea landscape for us to explore and practically test our photography skills.


Rental Car - The Nissan 1.6l Type R

Arriving at Langkawi, we were greeted by my dad's old friend which i haven't met for more than 10 years, i think. He brought us to our rental car and i was a bit suprised when i saw the car, it was a Nissan Sentra 1.6l TypeR car. It has a huge exhaust and sporty stripes. But what the heck, it's free. I don't mind at all.

A photo of a crab taken at Underwater World

Our first destination was Underwater World since it is near to our resort. Honestly, I won't go there if it's a normal holiday trip (Aquaria is much better), but since we owned a DSLR camera, it seems like a good testing ground. We actually spent more than an hour there, which normally took people 20mins to finish. That night, we had fresh ikan bakar dinner at one of the restaurant in Pantai Cenang. The food was indeed delicious.

Yacht parked along Kilim Geopark Mangrove River

Kilim Geopark Fish Farm - Raining

The following day, we woke up late and had to rushed to Kilim Geopark Jetty where we were greeted by my dad's other friend. He took us in his one-engine 9-seater boat along the mangrove river to a fish farm. The Floating Fish Farm is located next to a mangrove forest reserve.

A very tame Stringray

Again, F.O.C , we entered the fish farm and were shown many types of fishes. Some of these fishes are very tame. We were even allowed to touch and feed a stingray.. It started to rain and we had to delayed our trip. We were brought to a floating restaurant where we had our lunch there. Ikan bakar lagi.. My dad's friend insist on paying for the food. No wonder la, I was told by my dad that he owned the restaurant.

At the Floating BoatHouse

Eagle Feeding

As soon as the rain stop, he brought us to watch the 'eagle feeding' spot. We were amazed to see so many eagles flying all around us, easily reaching 40-50 birds. The boat driver told us that on a sunny day, there should be more eagles but due to the earlier rain only some of them came out.

Crossing the Cable Bridge

On the observation tower

With a full tummy we head to Mat Cincang Cable Car. Our source of direction was only a map we got from the Tourist Info Centre at the airport the day before. Luckily it was a weekday and there weren't so many people there. Without having to que-up, we board the gondola and head to the top. It was quite a scary ride, even for me since the gondola was small and rocking. There are two levels of observation stations. The first one is a bit lower than the second. You can find a cable bridge at the second station connecting two hills. It has one of the best scenery of langkawi. It felt like crossing the Petronas Twin-tower on the elevated bridge but the difference here, you don't have any walls or roof to secure you and you can feel the wind breezing on your face. There are many steps around the second tower, very tiring for an unfit individual like me. haha..

A nice shot at Telaga Harbour Marina

On our way back to the hotel, we stop at the famous Telaga Harbour Marina, Pantai Kok. You can find Tun Mahathir's 'The Loaf' breadshop here at the marina. The scenery was amazing. There were a lot of yacths parked along the quay.. Again we posed and took some amazing shots..


On day three, we had to check out early since our Island hopping trip was in the morning. The boarding area was at Awana Porta Malai, 5 mins from our hotel.

Waiting for our boatride

"I swear i saw a mermaid here a while ago..".. hehehe

Getting into the boat was a bit hard for both of us since we need to hop-on from the beach. Aishah was the only lady on board and the rest were Pak arabs. Hahhaa... How unlucky.. We were brought to Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah. Dayang Bunting is famous for its' fresh water lake that some people said can speed-up 'dapat cahaya mata'. Am not being superstitious, but that's what i heard.

Welcome to Dayang Bunting Island

At Dayang Bunting Lake

The boat ride was very thrilling since we had to hang on for our lives as the boat 'flew' on the water. Again we were taken to the eagle feeding area and luckily that day, there were more of them. Our 70-300mm Macro lens did a good job capturing these birds. It took us around four hours to finished the island hopping trip. After lunch, we headed to Kuah for the very last time to shop for chocolates and candies.


We had a great time at Langkawi, and will not hesitate to visit again if given a chance. We left Langkawi with tanned skin as memories.

With a heavy heart we had to leave Langkawi..

Bubye Langkawi.. See you again..

Next round, Rebak Island Marina / Andaman resort. A real-laxing get away vacation...

For more vacation pictures.. please click here

-Hubby signing off-

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