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~Durian Fever!!!~

Last last weekend, we went back to my hometown ----> Melaka!!!

On the way back, we had to fetch my brother from KLIA whom just
arrived from Jordan ---> cuti laa~~

Then, we went straight to my parents' clinic ---> nak btolkan gigiku!!! + scaling etc etc [F.O.C]

After that, we had our lunch and went back home

That nite, my dad bought 2 big boxes of durian!!! Nak celebrate anak-anak dia balik ---> pengsan!!!


The Durian!!!

We had a blast of durian fever!!!! ---> risau demam ni
I ate more than 10 pieces....ahhhhh so delicious!!!! While enjoying the Durian, I snaps some pictures..


Tukang kupas durian

Finally, I get my cousins posed for me as I was trying to snap nice pictures!!! and this is one of it!


The cute little girl
Lepas2 tu...kitorg ni main Travel Trivia sampai pukul 1 pagi. Nak tergolek pikir jawapan!!!

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