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Jom Heboh at Bukit Jalil Stadium

We knew this day will come...

The day when everyone at Arena Green hates TV3..i hope they do..

This is the day where the roads start to get congested..i mean really congested!!, police cones are everywhere, people starts to park their car illegally and last but least, the noise from the concerts..

We understand the risk that we had to face staying here. But deep inside we hope these kind of things do not occured regularly or to be conducted in smaller scale. Don't get me wrong, we've seen the Universtiy Asian Games (UAG), M'sian football Finals and others to compare with. These other events are managed properly, smoothly and i could say professionally.

Anyway, the day we heard about Jom Heboh being scheduled here, we start making our plans for that two days. The ultimate goal is not to be here during the day and get back home before the visitor starts to leave the place.

We actually have a nice view of the Stadium. To be honest, fron the balcony, we can see KLCC, KL Tower and not to forget "the floating city of GENTING". Not bad haa..

Let me give you some ideas on what actually happen on that day..

Good Morning..view from our house 'a.m'

Jom Heboh at midday.. let's get the h*** out of here..

This is what i'm afraid off..Traffic congestion everywhere..!!

I guess there's some positive outcomes from Jom Heboh.. At least we can watch the fireworks.. BUT it sets off the car alarm... Demmit!!

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