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Nafis's Wedding Reception

This was the agenda that I mentioned in the previous entry. But, before that, hubby and I had to go to KLIA to say goodbye to my family as they're going to Turkey for holidays....unfair to me!!!! I can't go because the tour package was full..that was the reason my mom gave to me ok!

Anyway, we have to be at the airport by 9.00 am but as usual we arrived 15 minutes after nine and met them only for a short while. They have to proceed to the waiting area as their flight has been scheduled to take off at 10.40am. After saying goodbye, we walked around KLIA and took some pictures.

FYI, I've already wore 'baju kurung' because we didn't want to go back home(Jom Heboh chaos!) u know...So, we went to my PIL house.

*Takde keje...cari keje...*

Unfortunately, they were also planning to go out for a few weddings too but managed to meet them for a while. We stayed there until noon. I managed to take a nap for 45 minutes as yesterday I didn't get enough sleep and had to get up early.

We arrived at the wedding hall around 1.00pm. Cipong and Sob also arrived at about the same time. By the time, the bride and the groom were already on the 'pelamin'. So, we take a seat at one table together and had our lunch. We stayed there for quite a while as we had to wait for my other ex-classmates to arrive. They were about an hour late.

FYI, Nafis was the second person in class 509 (MRSM Taiping) who got married. I was the first one who broke the record ok! Others....I don't know when and who are next...Maybe Sob or maybe Odi??hahahaha....

*The King & Queen of the Day!!!*

Then, we took pictures together with the bride and the groom. And guess who was there too?? It's Ustazah Mona!!! haha...We had long chit chatting, laughing etc etc....

Me..My fat hubby..~~and the newly wed couple..
MRSM Taiping ex-students..
Ustazah Mona and I..

To Nafis & Raha,
Congratulations on your wedding!!!!
May both of you have blissful life together and forever!!! Insyaallah
Aishah & Zulkarnain

  1. gravatar

    # by Anonymous - January 1, 2009 at 2:04 PM

    Nicely matched with the groom..hehe..Raha tu nyibuk je :p
    Congrates to Nafis n Raha :) Peace.
    Mc N. Soberr

  2. gravatar

    # by MiShi_Ka - January 6, 2009 at 10:28 PM

    hye aishah...adib looks like nafis is married to my teluk intan friend...keciknye dunia...

  3. gravatar

    # by ZuLaiShah - January 7, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    Sob : Hoi...tu laki org lerr....ko bile bole online nak kasi gambo ko lerr...

    Mishika : Really??? Taktau plak ur fren tp tau la Raha org teluk intan..hehe

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