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Housewife for 3 weeks -----> Week 1

I've resigned from my current company and will be joining the new company next year 5th January 2008. I've 14 days leave left, so I finished up all the days and released early.

And, here I am being a housewife. To be exact only for 2 weeks as the final week we'll be going off to....somewhere to de-stress everything before started new job and new life...haha....

Being a housewife...quite relaxing but I have a lot of things
to do >>> cooking, cleaning, washing, etc etc...huwaaaa!!!!

I've cooked for my hubby since Monday for quite a lot of dishes. There were 'daging rebus, air asam, rose daging, daging dendeng, bayam, kentang goreng berjintan, sayur, etc. Take a look here one of this :

*Does it look delicious???This is home made cooking ok..*

Next thing I did is cleaning the rooms. Yesterday, I spent whole day cleaning the room - vacuuming, mopping, wiping, arranging and spraying the frangrance plus i did cooking and washing clothes.


After......Other than that, I did an exercise that is aerobic!!! I've been planning to jog every morning but am too lazy to go down. So, other alternative is aerobic in the house!!!

But....the outcome after I did everything >>>>> body painful!!!!

Today, I'm resting and online as this afternoon I have to attend the Christmas Party at my office.


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