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It's Party Time!!!! I mentioned in my previous entry..yesterday afternoon I had Christmas party at my office..I mean my ex-office...

*Before the party @ home*

I went out early to have pre-lunch with my ex-colleagues. We had to wait all the bosses then we could start the party.

*My ex-company*

*I'm freeee!!!!!*

*My ex-colleagues & ex-room*

*My old table :(..miss u!! sorry not the guy ok..*

*With my best ever colleagues & friends*

We started the party around 4.00pm. Everybody was getting really hungry as they didn't take the lunch and have to wait the bosses...pity to u all!!! Can see the food below....

And the big boss was cutting the TURKEYYYY!!!!!...I didn't eat it as all of us (Muslim) didn't know whether it's 'halal' or not. I just ate some curry puffs, peanuts, cakes and fruits. Lucky I've already take my HL shake before went out...

After that, everybody was talking and eating and taking photos. After a while, they started drinking 'wine' and I went out of the pantry and went to the support room....

*We were gurldixing the pose, posing with the big boss!!!*

Around 6.00pm, party's over for me and i'm back home as at 6.30pm I wanna watch my favvy story>>>>SPA Q 2.
As of today, I did nothing cos I'm super duper lazy..hahaha...aku tak tau kenape!!!!!!! Actually have to clean the house, still haven't finished yet...I'm trying really hard to clean bit by bit...:D
Ok...have to work hard for it!!!!

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