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My Super Long Entry


I've been hiatus for quite sometime...i'm so super duper lazy to update the blog.
Ok let's start with....

30th November 2008

We went to my hubby's fren/ex-housemate during MMU time at Bukit Rambai, Melaka. Before that we went back to my parents house. Here are some piccas that we managed to take and pose...

*in the car and with the king & queen of the day*
*some crazy posts on da way to the wedding*


7th December 2008 - 9th December 2008

We(my dad, my mom, my sista, my hubby and I) went back to our hometown, Kedah which my dad's is at Sg Petani while my hubby's is at Yan. We went back for Raya Haji there. We stayed in SP Inn as both houses are fully occupied. Ok, here are some pictures that we managed to snap.....

*My sista and my mom. They look different aite??*
*Us in the hotel room*

10th December 2008

We were decorating the office for Christmas celebration. All of us were so 'creative'....u know what I meant until I dunno...hopefully the outcomes will be much beautiful not scary....FYI, that was the second last day before I start on leave and leave the company...hahaha....have a look here....

* They were so hardworking decorating the office...haha*

I feel so free right a bird freed from the cage..hahaha...what a bad one...


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