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21 Months!

Salam 1 Muharam.

Last Saturday, Ayser Zarif turned 21 months young! Alhamdulillah for this greatest gift. And Alhamdulillah for the rezeki to fully breastfeed my baby.

His development so far Alhamdulillah so much things he developed in terms of his speech especially. More vocabs for him to digest and he will say all those words.

Other than that, he will follow what we are doing so have to behave ourself :D

Tantrum wise still manageable. Hehe. Ada gak hard time nak control and sometimes dia moody sesajo!

Time ni we ols pegi Mahkota Parade to take my skincare dah sampai and shopping2 sket. So ber snap snap la kejap kan.

Now, Ayser memang x suke camera! He doesn't like people takes his pictures. You can see how difficult i am to snap his pictures.

Gerak sana gerak sini sampai gegar2 gambar la kan. Last2 tutup muka ngn kopiah tu haa....xpon dia palingkan muka or tunduk kepala. Haihhhhh la hai anakandaaaaa.

Today cuti nak jejalan jap hehe. :D Actually byk je projek2 nak buatkan. Nak kene beli brg2 jap.

Happy New Year!!!!

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