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Durian Lover!

Guess who's the durian lover? Of course my lil cutie pie kan. Sangat2 durian lover ok. I introduced him durian when he was 17months or 18 months, can't remember already. At first, he rejected the durian. Maybe he tasted something weird kan.

But, after that he tasted again he liked it very much. Last week, my father brought back some durians which was given by his patient. Durian kampung yang baru jatuh. Fresh lagi. Panas2 lagi isi dia bila kopek tu.

Perghh, really sweet and delicious ok!

See his happy face eating durian. I have to feed him la kan. Tak bole bagi dia makan sendiri. Tercekik biji nanti dah satu hal pulakkan.

He ate almost 6 ulas. Then, i sambung makan la pulakkan. Yelaa, i pon durian lover gak. But masa i pregnant i x suka makan pon durian. haha.

Memang lepas tu soh dia minum air masak banyak2 sebab nanti badan panas malam x bole tido plakkan.

The day before ada dapat gak but not so good. Dapat sikit jek. So dia je la makan kan. Pastu x bole nak tido sebab body heat kan.

Ada jugak dapat manggis dr the same patient tu. I makan sikit je la time tu. Ni tatau dah abes ke blom kan. Ayser i x bg pulak dia makan kan time tu. Tengok la if ada lagi bole le makan kan.

Now dah musim buah2 an ke? Confuse jap haha.

Happy working!

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