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Homeschooling Activities

Ok. Now i have update my pending entry ni. I have no idea to write actually plus have to refresh balik all the activities sumer kan. 

Since i'm not working aka SAHM at the moment, so we ols x hantar our son to nursery / playschool / tadika la. In order xnak bagi Ayser bored and nohing to do at home, i have to create activity for him. 

Maka bermula la pencarian aktiviti kan. So my fren recommended one of the blog la. So from there i follow la jugak sket2 sbb brg pon x sumer ada. Guna barang yang ada kat rumah saje.

1) The simplest activity for him - Pouring Activity
Since barang pon ada kat rumah so mmg paling senang la kan. Just that the yarn pom pom balls tu i DIY la kan gune yarn. Senang je nk buat yarn tu. Later la if rajin i show you how yer. This activity memang bagus even in montessori class pon this is one of the activity. You can variety kan la using different items. This took about 5 minutes for him to focus. After that, mule la activity buat sepah kan.

2) Spooning / Scooping / Transferring Activity
I used the same yarn pom pom balls and gave him a spoon and bowls. So this time showed him how to spooning items and transfer to other bowl. Same jugak, about 5 minutes je bole focus then buat sepah.

3) ABC Time Activity / Phonics Reading Activity (Not sure nk namakn apa this activity - haha)
This LeapFrog Phonics ABC ni memang bagus la for him. This thing will mention how to pronounce letters correctly. I have to find solution how to make him focus. Memang boy susah nak focus kot kan.

4) Football Activity
Dah kata boy kan. So, kene la ada activity lasakkan. Kang lembut plakkan. This one Ayser memang suka. He even can kick the ball while running. Dah macam gaya footballer dah. This activity kene         bawak jugak dia main kt luar. Now, mommy dia x rajin kuar rumah. hihi.

5) Fine Motor Skill & Logical Thinking Activity
I use this bead roller coaster for this development la kan. He knows how to roll the beads to the other side. As usual dia x kan main lama. 5 minutes the most. Then, main lain plakkan.

6) Fruits & Veges Cutting Activity
He loves this one. Banyak kali main and he can play for quite some time tau. So berbaloi la beli kan. Haha. Murah jek. But now, dia suka baling2 and sepahkan. Ada yang misplace kene cari la kt celah2     mana yg tersorok. Jgn ada 'orang' pinjam sudah kan :D

7) Learning Using Ipad Activity
I bagi la jugak sometimes Ayser guna ipad kan. Ada byk learning apps yang bole download and blajar. As usual, 5 minutes!

Dah penat buat activity mesti la nak kene ada nap time kan. Haa melepak dia ketiduran.

Other than that, i read books for him. Duduk sama2 and baca la kan. He will listen when i read for him. But, the books tu have to ada mcm2 function la cam bole flip ke slide ke kan so x de la dia boring.

Flashcards dia cam x bape minat. But will try again later.

Now, actually i dah kebuntuan idea. Since banyak brg xde and arts & craft activity susah sket nak buat sbb my mom x bg kan. Kang abes messy n sepah susah plakkan. Tgk la camne.

Any ideas mommies? Please share with me in the comment section.

Thank you in advanced!


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  1. gravatar

    # by bibi yusof - October 8, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    good job mommy asyer!
    flash card tu depends la kan.. ali pon now baru minat flash card...starting a few months back.. before this sepah kan je...
    u should try coloring jugak.. kids love coloring.. art and craft mmg budak budak suke... mase aku join playgroup yg alimkids tu.. time art and craft ali can stay put untuk join..

  2. gravatar

    # by Aishah Noordin - October 9, 2013 at 1:50 AM

    Bibi: tu la flashcards kne try blk. Arts & craft kne g beli brg. Xde lg. Adeh dlm kepala otak aku ni ligat je mcm2 brg nk kene beli

  3. gravatar

    # by Nursery Rhymes Videos - February 22, 2018 at 2:09 PM

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