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Baby School: Tot Tray of The Week

Salam and good day u ols.

This week i continue with baby school activities as known as homeschooling la kan. All this while memang i ada buat but mcm x proper sgt la. Ikut suke je nk buat apa kan.

So, this time i buat Tot Tray. I just buat for 3 trays je. Bole buat byk tray lagi 5 trays ke kan. But, for the time being, i buat 3 trays dulu. Idea pon xde la mencurah-curah kan. Plus, ada barang2 yang i kene buat something else dulu before bagi Ayser guna.

Ok, these are my Tot Trays of the week.

As you can see, from left, the first tray is scooping or transferring items from bowl to bowl. This activity memang dah selalu buat dah. Even Ayser pon dah agak boring gak sampai dia amek je gune tgn transfer ke bowl lain. Tak pon, dia buat sepah jek.

The second tray (in the middle), is inserting straws into the holes. This one pun dah buat previously. Depends jugak on his mood. If rajin, dia akan masukkan la the straw into the hole sampai habis. If not, dia akan buat sepah or suruh mommy dia ni masukkan. >_<

The third tray (on the right), is inserting coins into the piggy bank (tabung la tu!). Ok this one is the latest. So, Ayser memang excited la kan nak buat. Memang lama jugak he focus on this activity and buat banyak kali.

Other than the above activities, i ada buat reading ngan dia. Counting pon ada jugak la kan.

Well, we'll see how he progress for this week.


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