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Baby School: Inserting Coins Activity

Salam Jumaat & Good Day u ols.

Ok, continue on the activity for Ayser. All of the 3 trays i showed u ols on previous entry, this tray won! Ayser memang almost everyday chose this tray to play with. The other 2 trays adalah sometimes but dia akan buat sepah aje la kan.

As you can see here, he was very focus to insert the coins. Repeated many times after all the coins dah habis dia masukkan dalam tabung tuh.

I'm very happy that he could focus on something. But but have to be variety la kan. Else, bile dia dah bosan dia takkan focus dah. Dia mule la buat sepahkan.

Ni video dia pulak. I sempat la captured masa dia buat tu. A few tries jugak la sebab now Ayser memang x suke i capture his pictures or videos. He will look away or turn around. Memang geram je rasa tau.

Tengok tangan tembam tu...Geram je rasa kan. Haha.

Happy weekend!

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