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Hazy Day

We planned to move to Melaka early June. Due to bad haze in Melaka and other reasons, we have to delayed the move and stayed in KL for a while.

We thought our place tak kene teruk but it was quite high jugak the API reading. I was not feeling well that time. Cough and flu at the same time made it worst with haze!

Alhamdulillah, we rented out the air purifier by Coway at the right time. It helps to purify the dirty air. But still, we had to wear face mask in the house.

We showed our son, Ayser Zarif how to wear the face mask. Haha. Look at him. Tak tahan lama pon. Lima minit je dah cabut.

The next day pulak, we had to go out to settle errands. So, face mask is a must!

Sempat lagi vain ngan Ayser Zarif kan posing pakai face mask. Hehe.


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