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Lunch @ Mohd Chan

Salam and good day to all...

Again...sorry for not updating the blog....We have some issues to settle.

Anyway, last weekend we didnt go back to Melaka becoz my parents came here for our cousin's daughter aqiqah.

We had to buy some gifts for the newborn baby girl. We went to Mothercare, KLCC to shop shop shop!

Before that, we stopped at Mohd Chan Restaurant for lunch. Here we go! Ayser Zarif had his lovely porridge la as usual. See his face eating the porridge. Muka x ikhlas makan...hahaha

I had sweet sour fish with rice and mango juice while hubby had ikan tiga rasa with rice and longan juice.

See, camwhoring while waiting for the food!

Then, we went to KLCC for shopping and meeting my UT agent. After that, we rushed back home because of something else that i will blog it later after everything settled.

Enjoy your Monday!

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