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Ayser Zarif At 5-Months Young

Ayser Zarif is now 5-months, 1 week & 4 days young :). Last week, checked his weight was 7.5kg. Actually shud b more but my dad dia round up kan ke 7.5kg. And his height was 72cm! My baby is very tall boy. hehe. According to Baby Center at the age of 5-months, my baby should be...

Alhamdulillah he's on track just he just a bit slow in rollover and sitting. He can rollover but maybe badan dia semangatkan so nak pusing tu susah sikit. Dah bole dah actually and roll back tu pon a bit difficult. InsyaAllah he can do later.

Now, we train him by putting him at the Bumbo seat so that he can sit properly. He is still on learning this new skill.

 A happy boy!

Source: Baby Center

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