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The Final Weeks

Baby still syok dok dlm mommy's tummy lagi as for now. Anytime soon!!! :D

Ok, i'm entering 38 weeks today. Dah nampak and rasa baby dah turun ke bawah. Even jalan pon dah sakit bawah ni. Baby as usual super active. Suke la nak tendang mommy nye sampai terkejut aku jadinye...haha.

Ohhh...last week check up baby dah 3.5kg!!!! i could not expect anything...Just go with the flow saja. Yang pasti hidung nya follow daddy nya :D

Your baby is now ready to greet the world. At this point, the average full-term newborn is still building a layer of fat to help control body temperature after birth. Most babies are between 2.7 and 4.3kg / 6 and 9 1/2lb at birth, and boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls. All your baby's organs are developed and in place though his lungs will be the last to reach full maturity.

Ye ye daddy nya yang x sesabo soh anakanda kuar cecepat....aduhaiii sabar ye bapak nye...Baby nk tunggu Dragon Year la daddy.

Ni mommy nye yang dok bawak ke hulu ke hilir ni....apa dah jadi this week?

You may be feeling huge and uncomfortable during these final weeks. Try to take it easy - this may be your last opportunity to do so for quite a while. See a film, read a book that has nothing to do with pregnancy or babies, have your hair or nails done, or just spend time with your husband. Neither of you will have much time for cooking in the few weeks after your baby's born, but you could prepare some home-made frozen meals to enjoy when you need them. What else can you do? Make sure the car's filled up with petrol, and read our fun baby star signs. 

Your husband should try to relax, too, and enjoy some activities there won't be time for after the baby arrives. Suggest some inspirational reading - he may need it when you go into labour. 

Don't panic if you feel electric buzzes down your legs and inside your vagina. Baby has simply stumbled on yet another way to grab your attention -- this time, he's bumping against nerves in your pelvis.

So far, mommy nye go with flow saja. Dah malas nk pk apa dah. BH contractions dh start ada byk kali but Alhamdulillah i managed to handle these contractions. Just have to relax and go with the flow.

Preparation plak almost everything dh ok just a few things nak kene beli especially on BF thingy. Tu i byk pk sikit lagi2 kes budak mati tersedak tu...aduhaiiii nak kene cari method to solve it. At least, kite dah buat yang terbaik untuk anak...Selebih nya kite saman saja la nursery tu nanti. :D

Hospital bag pon dah ready letak dalam keta since i still keje till today. Next week cuti 3 hari then after that not sure what will happen. So, pape barang dah ada dlm keta just nk tmbh2 kan saja.

My nesting instinct so far cam xnmpk lg so kite tgk la nnti bile yerkkk :D

Dok opis pon today x ramai yang keje so relax la jugak ni...ok la yer...have fun!


Source: Baby Center, The Bump

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