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4 in 1 - Price Hike

Salam to all~~

How are u? I'm ok so far...Managed to finish DH7 until 8th episode since in the website I watched hasn't upload the latest episode yet.

By the way, I saw a news on this price increased on 4 precious items in our life las few days. By now everything has increased already. So, am gonna ask u olss....

What say you on this issue?

Petrol, diesel, gas & gula. Stay kat Malaysia ni dah makin mahal. Sumer nye nk kene gune duit. Tapi gaji x naik-naik.

Inilah yang dikatakan rakyat didahulukan..:D

Marilah kite fikir2 kan..

Cuba tengok this graph of petrol.

Bila hutang meningkat macam-macam caj plak muncul. Lagi la bertambah miskin rakyat Malaysia ni....

Tetibe teringin nak pindah ke negara orang.....Mana yang best ehh??

Source: MalaysiaKini

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