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iPad in Malaysia

Yes..u read that. It's been a week already. The price they said even cheaper than US. That's good news. Ke sebab takde import duti? hmmmm...

You can read the news here. For those yang tak sempat baca la kan.

Since iPad started sold, there were long queue to buy it. My mum was so tempted to buy one. But I asked her to wait for a while till everybody has bought it and no more queuing.

I'm not sure whether it's necessary to buy one for us or not. Let see other important thing first. :). Yelakan. Petrol naik harga, Gula naik harga. Apa yang x naik. Sumer bende naik. Rakyat didahulukan la kata nye kan.

Oklaa..ada byk lagi nak kene fikirkan. Especially on our house. Nak kene pasang auto-gate, itu ini yang blom dibuat lagi. Hopefully cukup la ongkos nya.

Sapa2 yang dah ada iPad tu have fun~~!!!

Source: Apple, The Star

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