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More Pictures of My Wedding

Hi Readers..

A few more of my wedding pictures.. Been busy since i had to go to Medan to accompany my "wife" ehem.. hahaha.... last week. She had to go to Medan to attend some business. So, i followed her for 4 days and we had our "pre-honeymoon" there. We depart a day after the reception in Melaka and had to take the 8.20am flight the next day! Imagine that, have to wake up at 5am to get ready. Definitely exhausting...!! anyway..we enjoyed our 'holiday' together as "husband & wife" or should i say a couple.. Definitely, credit has to be given to nizar nazrin ( our photographer who spent hours working/sorting out our pose to make sure a splendid outcome.

- hubby -

At bandar hilir, melaka

Akad nikah.. (Performing vow)

Exchanging Rings

Posing for the camera..

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    # by El-Zaffril - June 13, 2008 at 7:26 AM

    Zul... saya cilok satu gambar... nak post kat blog saya

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