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Charity Dinner @ 1World Hotel

Last Friday, we had an invitation to a charity dinner on behalf of my company. So, we went there after our appointment at Pavilion. We reached the hotel at 6.15pm.

That time was Cocktail. So, we had light food for 'alas perut' as we also were hungry. Thought the dinner started at 7.30pm. But, end up started at 9.00pm...

There were a few stage performances before they served dinner. We snapped pictures here and there.

There were quite a lot of dishes being served and we were full by the time 3rd last dishes. There were also other stage performances by Dato' Leonard Tan, Helmi Harun a singer and bidding ceremony for charity also the mock cheque ceremony.

The dinner end up finished around 11pm. We quickly went out before a lot of people queueing for ticket payment.

That's all for the Charity Dinner....Overall quite fun!

Chop chop...we got free Aquaria Tickets! Since not many of us attended the dinner...we got 4 tickets for us..hahahaha

-the wifey-

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