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Visits to Our New House..

The Actual house after completion..

Paramount did a great job by completing our phase two month before the expected schedule..

The photos around our house;

Top: Entrance view. Bottom Left: View from Master Room. Bottom Right: View In front of house

Both of us dah start asking for quotations, a lot to be considered;
1. Grille
2. Plaster Ceiling
3. Wiring and Lighting
4. Kitchen Cabinet
5. Aircond
6. Sofa
7. Wardrobe
8. Oven, Hob and Hud..

These are items that we have listed as PRIORITY.. depends on financial and practicality, it might change.

We are trying our best to move in before Ramadhan, InsyaAllah and celebrate Aidilfitri there..

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