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PALESTINE - Why and How?

Through some sources that i've read (wallhualam), the Palestinian did SOLD or LEASE some of their LAND to Israel on personal capacity, some out of pityness. The land sold were mostly CLOSE to Israel land and VERY SMALL in size. The Israel in fact has SET UP the JEWISH NATIONAL FUND where they will COLLECT and gather MONEY to BUY LANDS from the Arabs. Jews COMMUNITY all around the world CONTRIBUTED to the fund. 

When they accoutered RESTRICTION to buy lands from the Arabs, they implemented "STOCKADE & WATCHTOWER" method where they will gather hundreds of volunteers, prefabricated huts and fortifications, convoy them to a place where they will arrive at daybreak, and by nightfall the settlement was complete, surrounded by protective fence and dominated by a watchtower from which to scan the sorrounding area for sign of hostility. These illegal settlement can be seen as white spot in the last image of this post (Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 to 2005)

That was WAY BACK THEN when there was only MINIMUM MILITARY FORCES. BUT LATER the Isreal government decided to OCCUPIED Palestinian LAND by FORCE. Upon taking the land, the PALESTINIAN were either PUT into EXILE or RELEGATED by force to the CAGED reservation of GAZA and the WEST BANK.

Do take a look at the image above, I'm VERY DISTURB with the CURRENT SIZE of Palestine and the WALL that are BEING BUILD. They have SEPARATED GAZA  and the WEST BANK so that they can CONTROL the movement and action of the PALESTINIAN. I'm sure they have PLANNED to WIPE GAZA out from the WORLD MAP. Nauzubillah...

The ACTUAL PROBLEM of the Israel nation started in 1947 when the BRITISH migrated and GRANTED the Jewish community to LIVE within Palestine. They have DIVIDED Palestine INTO SECTIONS (states) where the Arabs and Jews lives next to each other. The IMPLEMENTATION were OPPOSED BY the ARABS because the Jews have been allocated a big amount of land owned by the Arabs. Even the Arab's themselves will only owned a smaller land size compared to the Jews.

In the following year, the ISRAEL has ANNOUNCED the "INDEPENDENCE of the State of Israel BLESSED" by the BRITISH. Together with that, they have 'STOLEN' an ADDITIONAL 28% of the Palestinian TERRITORY (can be seen in the below image 1949-1967) amounting to a total of 78% domination of the Palestine. 

The neighboring ARAB LEAGUE declared the ALL-PALESTINE GOVERNMENT in 1948, partly as a move TO LIMIT Transjordan (later known as Jordan), INFLUENCE over the issue. The former mufti of Jerusalem, Allahyarham Haj Amin al-Husseini, was appointed as President. The GOVERNMENT was RECOGNIZED by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, but not by Transjordan or any non-Arab country. 

Over the years, Syrian, Iraqi and Egyptian expeditionary forces attacked Israel without success. The battle leads to endless negotiation process between them (Palestine and Israel).

Transjordan is a former Ottoman territory which has been controlled by Britain and Paris after they have won World War I. Palestine in particular was controlled by Britain.

source: OPEDNEWS
See for yourself, how BIG Israel has GREW by FORCEDLY OCCUPYING the Palestinian LAND.


Within ISRAEL 

There were also source stating that the CITIZEN of Israel were KEPT IN "BUBBLE", COLONIZING and NATIONALIZING their MINDS, the "BUBBLE" is SPUN by the ISRAEL GOVERNMENT and mainstream MEDIA. A close and SIMILAR EXAMPLE to this is NORTH KOREA. The government has SUCCESSFULLY BRAINWASHED the CITIZENS' MINDS by FEEDING them with INFORMATION that they WANT them TO BELIEVE ONLY and censoring information from outside. This is one of the reason why we can see the ISRAELITES that have MIGRATED, some of them OPPOSED to the action taken by the ISRAEL GOVERNMENT over Palestine.


FYI, now EGYPT is BUILDING a similar WALL like the ISRAEL's to PREVENT Palestinians in GAZA from CROSSING to their side. The wall is also extended into the ground to block tunnels. GAZA is now TRAPPED and the only way to get source of food is by sea, which has been guarded and controlled by the Israel warships. 

Ya ALLAH, how are they going to survive? They are forbidden to cross borders, they have no technology, they have very limited soil to work on. There worst of most, they are constantly being attack and murdered by the ISRAEL army.

Let us together put an end to this nightmare..!!!

What that have been written at the above is based on my reading and references collected. Please correct me should the information above are wrong. Do put the correct version together with relevant references. TQ

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    # by El-Zaffril - June 3, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    Aku berdoa, semoga orang Yahudi akan lenyap dari muka bumi ini...

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    # by Anonymous - October 6, 2011 at 4:48 AM

    Palestine is just a nother name the british gave Israel before they could go to theyre territory and fight for theyre sovereignity. once the name was given to the land england decided and pulled a had of arabs from diferent regions and named them palestinians puting them right in Israel's territory under theyre nose, and now they make a fuzz about "free palestine"
    palestine does not even have any history, if there is proof of "palestinian" history why not post that too?? ive certainly never heard of such thing... and Belen, the town where Christ was born cant be in palestine... its suposed to be Israel... its outrageous and supid to say that Belen is in palestine...why come "palestine" is not mentioned even in the bible? im not a jew

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