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Rehearsal - LimeLight Stealers

I was supposed to blog about this earlier...but since my health condition not so good, I got no time blogging about it. xhengat....mcm2 hal and program and events laaa kan.

Last Friday, we were having HMS Appreciation Dinner. Therefore, we volunteer to perform a medley song. All the songs kitorg pilih mana yang seswai and combine together.

Time ni praktis kat Studio....kat mana?? Biarlah Rahsiaaaaaa....hehehe

Serius jek muke sorg2....last day prektis le katakan...kene sunguh-sungguh

Abg kite goreng gitar!!!!

So, apa lg...last minute nye rehearsal and practises ko...ha amek la kan....

Tgk ni last day practise...bersungguh-sungguh yer prektis nye......

Wait for my next entry for the EVENT!!!!!

-the wifey-

p/s: Credit to Suhaimi for the pictures!

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