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Our Very Own 42" LCD Tv..~!!

Our Brand New 42" LCD Tv

After i don't know how many times we went into various electronic stores reviewing many types of LCD, Plasma and LED Tv, finally we got what we want. Alhamdulillah, ini antara hasil-hasil usaha part-time business both of us.

The store that won our heart and manage to convince all doubts was Harvey Norman, Pavilion. At first there were many brands and model in our list, lucky us, the sales person was very helpful in giving information and we got what we need. Siap bagi 2+3 years warranty lagi..

Channel 105 on ASTRO

Obviously 32" Tv was so yesterday. Since size does matter nowadays, 42" seems to be a better choice (tahan dugaan tak payah tukar tv baru lama la skit). The 42" Tv is from Philips. From our many visit to electronic stores, Philips will always be in the top 2 brands recommended by the sales person.

It is a LCD and not a Plasma. Though many will go with Plasma if to be given a choice. We have our own reason. First and foremost, the basic reason owning a TV is to comfortably watching it and compared to Plasma, there are no/less reflection on LCD. Yes, they might have a slightly clearer image (since Plasma is using analog) but if the reflection keep on bugging you during your movie, it will definitely be very annoying. LCD will catch-up eventually when astro switch to digital (well, it might take 1-2years). We can wait..

The 42PFL7409/98 LCD Philips Tv is categorized as 'high range model' in terms of specifications in its' kind. We have on our Tv a built-in USB slot that can play videos (including pictures and music of course). Not to forget the 'Natural motion technology' that eliminate juddering effects that are visible with movie based picture content. HD Natural Motion estimates motion in the picture and corrects juddering movements in both broadcast and recorded movie material (such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc). The resulting smooth motion reproduction and excellent sharpness take the viewing experience to a higher level.

We got what we wanted..and will enjoy it~! 

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