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Our Dream House soon to be..

The showhouse

An Artist Impression

Well Gated & Guarded with sufficient facilities

At first, we plan to move out to rent a landed terrace house. We searched around Bdr Kinrara area but most of the houses are already tenanted. Left with only not so well-maintained houses.

Through internet searching, we found a newly completed house at BK9 with a rental fee of RM1100!! The house are equipped with an alarm system and auto-gate. Inside, empty. I've always thought the house comes with a kitchen cabinet, but it turns out to be another house that is already tenanted. So, both my husband and i asked my aunt and my mom and they advise it's better to buy our own house rather than renting and pay so high. In the end, we own nothing. Just, top up a few hundreds and we can get our own asset.

So, we discuss and decided to buy a house. But, where?? how much?? how about the loan? and other things? We searched thru the internet and found a few options that can be considered. So, last Saturday, we went to I&P property gallery office at BK. Unfortunately, they were only left with expensive houses such as semi-dees and bungalows. All the affordable houses have already been sold out or booked. So, we head to Paramount Gallery Office in Kota Kemuning.

Lucky us, there are still some affordable houses left and the best part is my FIL has a friend working there. So, this makes it easier for us to book the house and get more $$$ discount!!!! Right after that, we went to see the fully-furnished showhouse and it's definitely look like heaven ok!!! We really wished that the furnished showhouse is for sale...because the real house was really basic and to get "our new house" to be as beautiful as the showhouse unit, you have to spend At LEAST..1/3 of your total house price ok!!! I rather pay more on the show unit cos I dont have to think to re-design and renovate. Unfortunately, the developer will only release the showhouse for sale in two years time at market price. I guess we have to start saving now for the house renovation after all..

Other than the contemporary designs, the location also is nice, well-guarded and strategic. Although a bit far from KL, but long as the place is comfortable to live, other things don't matter rite!!!
"Our house" will be completed by End of 2010.. still far ahead. Lucky us, we should be able to use the LKSA highway which is now still under consruction by then.

LKSA route - under construction

  1. gravatar

    # by Caramelize Aziz - March 1, 2009 at 9:40 AM

    Finally yaaa! Congrats u...! :D sila buat hse warming k.....

  2. gravatar

    # by ZuLaiShah - March 2, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    Hahaha.. Tq..

    Housewarming Insyallah.. but still far ahead the completion date.. Do wait for the invitation.!

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