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Our very Own Submarines


Finally, we have our own submarines armada fleet.

Malaysia has ordered two type Scorpene submarines with electric and diesel powered engine developed by DCN Shipyard International (DCNS) based in France. The first submarine has been completed and commissioned on 27th Jan 2009 as KAPAL DIRAJA (KD) TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN. It will arrives in our waters in August this year. While the second sub KAPAL DIRAJA (KD) TUNKU ABDUL RAZAK is still under construction due to complete mid of 2010. Let's hope that no one accidentally sink our sub during it's journey back home.

The two submarines will be used in various missions such as coastal surveillance, collecting surveillance data, first line defence in our waters, torpedoes & missiles strikes and also the detonation of sea mines.

It also said that the submarines are equipped with six torpedo tubes, which can fire simultaneously, anti-ship surface missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes. The vessel has the capacity to carry 10 torpedoes and 30 mines, it added.

Some people view the purchase of these submarines as a waste of government money. They will be proven wrong when we are under attack and in war, like the Palestinian are facing now. Defenceless...

Let's give this a thought..

- Hubby -

30/1/09 : Hmm.. i musn't be too harsh.. so let's correct this.. Let's hope that the purchase of these sub are accordingly to law with no poliitcal or personal interest i.e Transparent.. O.K

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    # by Anis - January 29, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    hi dear:) more AUTH COACH,fossil n DKNY on sale!:) thanks darling :)

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