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Hey Guyz..Our Wedding's 'Berinai' and 'Persalinan' Pictures..

Hey Guys..I'm Back..

These are our "Persalinan" pictures taken during our weeding. They've just arrived, sorry for the delay..
As an introduction, being a Melaccan, Aishah's family is somehow obligated to follow the local customs where every wedding must have it's 'Malam Berinai' and 'Persalinan' sessions. Reason being, during 'malam berinai' family members will get the chance and opportunity to celebrate the newly weds (which is us in this case) and perform 'merenjis' (pour fragrance water) sessions. Because, during the actual wedding day they will be busy entertaining guest and helping out. As for the 'Persalinan' session, this is the only time you might want to wear so many types of baju on your special occassion and people will not call you crazy.. So, why not?. just go for it!

Thanks to our Photographer, Nizar for the splendid pictures..

1. Malam Berinai

I feel like a pendekar..

2. Baju Jawa

Aduh mas..Ini orang chawa nih..

3. Baju Punjabi

Tumpase ayee...yu muj kura yey...~~

4. and not to forget..our Western Baju (my half complete tux..)

Love is in the Air~~...

I hope u guys enjoyed the pictures.. thanks for dropping by..ciow..

You guys are welcome to drop any comments ------>

- Hubby -

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