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CusTom Wedding Album Is herE..!!!

Hey Guys..

I'm back~~, finally i can find some free time to actually write this blog. Good news.. i have already received our wedding custom album from our photographer, Nizar Nazrin. Both Aishah and myself like them very much thanks to him.

These pictures are from our Melaka and Cheras reception with some Nikah's pictures in them. Some of my friends wonder why Aishah and I willing to spend quite a big amount of money for our wedding pictures. I hope by seeing the outcome, you will get the answers.

(Click on the pictures below to view)

Melaka Reception:

Cheras Reception;

It's a one in a lifetime memory that you would want to keep forever.

I'm looking forward to share more of our honeymoon pictures..

p/s: i strongly recommend Nizar to be your future wedding photographer.

- Hubby -

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