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Baby School: Aa Is For Apple Part 2

Salam and Good Day u ols.

Actually i forgot to put video of Ayser for the Baby School. So, i continue with this entry Part 2 :D. Previous entry was too long right. Might as well i put this video in different entry.

This video i managed to capture quietly but he saw me and quickly look away. Grrr! He was scribbling and doodling on the Dot the Apples sheet. Oh, i had to put the full shirt bip on him because he scribbled on his t-shirt! That answered why. Hehe.

This video as well. He was mentioning the object on the sheet then suddenly he saw me. He quickly looked away. Why oh why baby!

I managed to capture these videos only. Other activities i had no time because i was busy guiding him the activities.


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