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Leapfrog Tag Junior

Ok. This is the new additional items for our homeschooling activities. I bought it from Mommy Nadia.

I blom seriously guna the item. Baru testing ngan Ayser tengok camne his reaction kan. Later will review about this Leapfrog Tag Junior.

Basically, brand Leapfrog ni ada banyak product for learning and development. One of the category is reading system which has 2 main product; LeapReader and LeapReader Junior. Function is to help toddlers and kids on early reading and learning. LeapReader suits 4-8 years old and LeapReader Junior suits 1-3 years old. Details bole la check kat website LeapFrog yer.

So, i bought LeapReader Junior or the old name called Tag Junior since Ayser pon is still young kan. Basic items ada Tag device and a simple book.

Ok, this is the Tag device. I bought the old version coz the new look is a puppy which i'm not keen to the design. But function wise is still the same.

It comes with a book "If I Were" which i can say is very simple. So, memang suggested to buy more books la kan. I bought additional books la jugak as below picture.

And a Tag Storage Case. Dah beli takde tempat nak simpan pulakkan. But the bag is quite small so nak simpan all the books memang la x muat kan. Mana yang dah bukak tu je la muat. Yang still dalam packaging tu x muat nk masuk dlm beg tu.

U have to download and install the software first before using it. I have tried reading the Jack & Neverland Pirates book. Hmm, quite interesting. Later later la i review ok. :)

Have to try first dah satisfied baru bole add more books. If not rugi jek. Hopefully Ayser nak la reading gune this product. Ameennnn *finger cross*

For the time being, the tag device tu ada problem, so i dah hantar balik to the seller to check. So x bole la nak guna lagi kan. Nvm, have to think of other activity to do. I have to focus more on his reading. Numbers he can pronounce already. Letters ABC tu not yet. So, i have to think how to make him love to learn letters.

Any ideas mommies?

  1. gravatar

    # by bibi yusof - October 10, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    aishah.. kalau asyer tknk gune skrang pon... in future he will use it.. mungkin sekarang belom ready... tak rugi nya beli educational things ni..

    good luck asyer reading with mommy...

    aku pon suke old design.. sbb design baru puppy kan...

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    # by Aishah Noordin - October 12, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    Bibi: Tula later bole gune lagi. Tp dia tau la gune sket2 just x focus lg la. Hopefully later he will enjoy la kan.

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