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Another 4 Months!

Happy 20th months young Ayser Zarif!He turned 20 months yesterday btw. Alhamdulillah syukur sangat2 sebab still fully breastfeeding my son. Hope to fully breastfeed him till 2yrs old. Another 4 months to go. Pray for us!

Since he turned to 20 mths young ni mood dia tunggang terbalik. Jap ok, jap nak melalak, jap merajuk. Adeh. Penuh kesabaran ler mommy dia ni kan. Gambar2 ni time mood dia ok. After that, moody plak.

Hopefully he will be a good boy la k. I love the pic. He looks so grown up. Dah besar nye anak mommy ni. waaa.....time flies so fast!

Nak snap his pics bukannye senang. Suka nak gerak2 and malu2. Dia bole detect klo kite nk snap his pics tau. Sabar aje la. Haa amek mommy edit gambar Ayser jadi cmni..haha comel kan?

Anyway, please pray for our smooth journey on breastfeeding. Ameennnn.

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