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Last Minute Holiday!

Salam and good day to all...

Since me being a housewife ni, i have no time updating the blog. Bukan apa busy melayan si kecik sorang ni. I would like to update regarding Ayser's homeschooling pon x terbuat lagi. Later la k.

By the way, last weekend time weekend Hari Malaysia we made a sudden plan for our trip to Johor. I got to know this indoor theme park from my fren, Bibi. So, since cuti panjang pegi aje la kan. Lagipun xde la jauh mana. But, we stayed at my uncle's house in JB la kan. Nak save budget! haha.

So, we went Johor on Saturday. First destination, of course la JPO kan. Dah alang2 sampai that area, singgah aje la kan. Fuhhh almost 6 hours shopping. Pusing 3-4 kali gak la. For me, the items xde la murah mana and of coz la outdated dah. So, klo x follow the trend and season shud b ok. Since ada sale Hari Malaysia, so worth it la jugakkan.

Jalan sampai rasa nak tercabut kakiku ini. Camne la nak meneruskan the next day punye plan kan.

So, this is our haul. My hubby yang byk shopping nyer. I just buy VS nye items and Guess nye sunglasses. Utk Ayser, shirts Guess and khakis Guess and kasut Clarks. Selebihnya, incik hubby la punya.

Then, terus pegi to my uncle's house in JB. Masa tu dh nak maghrib dah. So, memang lepas tu dah x kuar rumah la kan. Dinner kat rumah saja la. Then, layan bola la kan sebab ada final pesta bola merdeka that nite. Mesti la dorang nk tengokkan. I tgk la jugakkan but kene la layan si tenit ni aje. So xde la concerntrate pon.

Anyway, congratulations to Malaysia Team for winning the game. Ok. We will continue the next story in my next entry k.


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