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Labor Day Activity

Ayser Zarif ni actually dh boleh berjalan for quite some time but he refused to walk independently. He preferred crawling instead of walking. Maybe for him crawling lg laju kot and walking cam x stabil lagi kan.

But but since Tuesday at nursery the babysitter told us that he kept on walking non stop. We are more than happy to hear that. That night pon dia walking lagi.

So, yesterday early in the morning hubby brought him to the playground for a walk. Hubby managed to record a video of Ayser Zarif walking!

Memang after walking tu dia letih betul. Breakfast jap mandi then terus terbongkang dah. Slept for few hours.

Then, petang tu plak at first we wanted to bring him to indoor playgym but public hols rate pon jadi mahal. So postponed later la tu k. We ols pon pegi la ke Tasik Shah Alam. Makkkkk aiiii. Ramai orang. Detour ke Tasik Kota Kemuning.

Berjalan jalan la kami kat area tasik tuh. Bagi la incik kicik ini berjalan. Sempat la capture his picture and video. Sangat happy dia kan dapat berjalan independently.

We will involve him more with other activities. Next our aim is to go to indoor play gym at Ikano. Then, maybe to other park or zoo. Or pegi pantai ke kan. Hehe we'll see then.

Ok la enjoice!!!


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